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TSJCL Downloads

Want to become a member of the TSJCL, apply to be an officer, or read through the TSJCL Constitution? This is the place to be. Otherwise, try the archive search. We have hundreds of files, one of them is probably the one you're searching for!

TSJCL State Forms

Want to attend state convention? All forms and downloads can be found here. Rules, results, and other info can be found at the state convention page.

TSJCL State Rules

Not exactly clear on the rules for a contest you're taking? Don't worry! We've collected all the rules for the 2017-2018 school year here so you can make sure you're doing everything right.

Appointed Officer Application

Love the classics? Want to become a TSJCL state officer? Applications for appointed officer positions editor, webmaster, treasurer, and parliamentarian are open now!
Applicants must submit the Nominations Form, a cover letter, and a resume. Candidates for Editor should include a mock Torch cover, and candidates for Webmaster should include a mock web design. Applications must be emailed to the parliamentarian and Ms. Wenzlaff by May 1. Interviews will be held via Google Hangouts after all applications have been submitted.

Classical Organizations

Here are a few of our friends, either in our home state or across the nation. Feel free to go check out their websites; maybe you'll find something helpful!

Latin Study Tools

Need homework help or just want to learn more about Latin? We've offered some helpful resources to help you with your classical studies.